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Ritual cards

As today’s business landscape continues to change, organizations need to build cultures with the capability to transform constantly, too. In working with CEOs and their teams to build cultures of constant transformation, we’ve seen that sparking (and sustaining) change often doesn’t come from the massive, top-down initiatives, as much as it does the small everyday acts introduced at the individual or team level. We often refer to these as rituals: recurring acts that shape and reinforce new behaviors.

This deck represents a variety of rituals that we at SYPartners have heard about, read about, or even practiced ourselves. They’re meant as inspiration in thinking about how to build the attributes of a culture that can constantly transform in today’s fast-paced digital economy: collective speed, restless ingenuity, deep agency, radical collaboration. Explore them with your team and discuss how you might adapt one, or many, for your own culture.

PDF deck of cards (33 pages)